What is the effect of suppository after administration?

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What is the effect of suppository after administration?

    • After administration, the role of the suppository is to release the active principle, either by melting due to body temperature or by dissolving in the local mucosal fluids and then to release the active ingredient so it is free to produce a local effect or to move to the mucosal barriers into the circulatory system to produce a systemic effect.

    • Local Effect: Frequently, a local action is desirable for a rectal condition. For local action, once a suppository is inserted, the suppository base melts, softens or dissolves, distributing the medication it carries to the tissues of the region. Rectal suppositories intended for localized action are most frequently used to relieve constipation or pain, irritation, itching and inflammation associated with hemorrhoids or other anorectal conditions.


    • Systemic Effect: The systemic action for which suppositories are used, are limited only by the drug’s solubility and absorbability. Thus, it is possible to administer anti-emetics, antibiotics, analgesics, antipyretics, muscle relaxants, sedatives, hypnotics and so on, in the form of suppositories.

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