What is a Suppository?

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What is a Suppository?

    • “SUPPOSITORY” term is derived from the Latin term “Supponere” meaning “to place under”.


    • ‘Suppository’ is a medicated, solid dosage form which is intended for insertion into body orifices where they melt, soften or dissolve and exert localized or systemic effects. The medicament is incorporated into Oleaginous (fatty) bases, which melts at body temperature or into water soluble or miscible bases which slowly dissolves in the mucous secretions.


    • Although suppositories are not considered as a very popular mode of administering drugs, yet they will always have a place in medicine for its unique advantages.


  • Suppositories have been employed for three reasons:
    • Promote defecation
    • Introduce drugs into the body
    • Treat anorectal diseases


  • Analgesics, anti-microbial, antispasmodics, sedatives, tranquilizers, laxatives, anti-hemorrhoids and many other therapeutic categories of drugs are being formulated into suppositories