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MD's Message

MDs MessageBliss GVS has enjoyed a phenomenal growth rate in excess of 30% CAGR over the last seven years. I strongly believe this is a direct result of the organization being true to its principles. In response to growing customer demands, we have continuously enhanced our R&D and production capabilities and expanded our product portfolio across dosage forms and therapeutic segments. Today, I am proud to say that our portfolio comprises 250+ products that are consumed across 64 countries. Specifically, we are among the world-leaders in the Suppositories and Pessaries dosage form and our brands are recognized among the leading ones in the generic anti-malarial segment in most African countries. Over the years, we have thus successfully shaped sustainable business relationships across the globe that will provide the backbone for continued future growth.

One of the great privileges of working in the pharmaceutical industry is the opportunity to directly contribute towards the advancement of human quality of life. This has always been our greatest source of purpose in propelling Bliss GVS forward. Our goal of increased accessibility of quality medicines and healthcare across countries is very much central to this drive.

In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to increasing our global reach whilst incorporating efficiency throughout our production and supply chain processes. Efforts are currently underway to adapt and expand our product distribution across Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific, Russia & CIS countries. We are scaling-up our capabilities across all functions including R&D to facilitate this expansion. We have also added additional product segments in herbals, small volume parentals, topicals and ointments through organic & inorganic routes.

These efforts and goals paint an ambitious and challenging roadmap ahead but one that all of us are excited to undertake. I am confident that given the dedicated team we have in place, Bliss GVS will maintain its upward trajectory to achieve new highs and continue to make an ever-increasing impact in improving patient life.